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Guess Word


Engage your employees and improve team building exercises by adding the Guess Word widget to your employee experience platform. Inspired by "Wordle", this widget can be customized to your brand identity, with hand picked words that are relevant for your organization's message and cultural and communications initiatives.


Why Use it


Gamify Employee Knowledge of Corporate Initiatives

Gamify your employee's knowledge of your company's mission, or corporate and cultural initiatives by customizing the words list of Guess Word list


Create Team Building Competition to Enhance Process & Product Learning Curves

Find creative ways for your employees to connect to internal processes, products and services of your org with Guess Word daily challenges


Localized to Reach a Global Employee Workforce

Target words for users in their local language, foster team building, and a centralized way for employees to connect and feel a unified culture in a fun, exciting and untraditional way.

Widget Features

Player scoreboard

User leaderboard

Load custom words

Custom messaging display for correctly guessed word


Hyperlink correct words to internal or external pages

Control word list display for users

Control new word timing (daily, weekly, etc)

Customized widget interface to your brand's identity


Got question or want a demo? Get in touch

Check out our Docs site for a listing of all our widgets:

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