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Last Modified Date & Time

Remove any doubt about when a content was last modified by the page admin by adding the Last Modified Date & Time widget to your knowledge and resource content.


Why Use it

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Improve Intranet Content Integrity

With this widget, users will immediately know content accuracy by seeing its last modified date on any page they visit.

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Increased Content Ownership

Content owners will want to keep their pages up to date, knowing that the last modified date will be visible to all users.

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Perfect for Resource and Knowledge Content 

Bring your users more validity and content authenticity to resource and knowledge articles in your digital workplace.

Widget Features

Widget automatically reads the last modified date of the page it's on

Toggle on/off date & time to display the exact time of the last modification


Pricing: $3,600 / yr 


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Check out our Docs site for a listing of all our widgets:

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