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Looker Integration


This Looker Extension for LumApps is a powerful cost & time saving integration which allows users to view Looker dashboards directly in LumApps without ever having to be authenticated in Looker. This integration also allows users with the right level of access to build their own Looker dashboards in LumApps directly.


Why Use it


Time-Saving Employee Experience.

Users can view Looks and Dashboards directly from the Intranet without a need to SSO in through the embed


Secure Looker 


This integration makes embeds secure in LumApps without a need for end-user authentication in Looker


Personalized Looks and Dashboards.

Have targeted Looker instance embeds directly in LumApps specific to predefined user attributes

Widget Features

“Automagical” option to paste an embed URL

Choose from Multiple Embed Options:

  • Dashboard

  • Look

  • Explore

  • Query Visualization

Hide filters directly from the widget

Add customized themes to match your brand’s identity


Get in touch to learn more or see a live demo

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Sean Young
Director of Technology

"The Looker SSO Embedding project we embarked on with ADC has not only been a pleasure to work on but has also exceeded our expectations in terms of deliverables and adherence to the project timeline. I would highly recommend ADC to anyone wishing to fully leverage their experience with Lumapps."

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