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Metadata Mover

This extension is designed to allow LumApps administrators to reorganize their site Metadata architecture by either moving a metadata value across different metadata families or within a single metadata family. 


Why Use it


Site Architecture Cleanup

Modify and consolidate existing metadata values in LumApps' back office to make it easier and more intuitive for users to find relevant metadata


Aligning Metadata to New Org Structure 

Find creative ways for your employees to connect to internal processes, products and services of your org with Guess Word daily challenges


Improve User Search Filtering Experiences

A metadata restructure can help users with a more intuitive search experience to find the right content using LumApps' Metadata.

Widget Features

Move metadata across family within a site of subsites

Retain Followed Interests. 

Metadata move has no impact on any user followed interests.

Metadata Usage Counter. See how many contents are using the selected metadata

Metadata Mover Log. See progress of the executed metadata move actions with the option to view error logs and relaunch incomplete tasks


Pricing is project based and depends on volumetrics of impacted contents. Please contact us for details


Got questions? Get in touch

Learn more about this widget on the ADC docs site

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