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Table of Contents

Bring the full content management experience to your LumApps content, knowledge articles and resources with the Table of Contents widget. This widget brings a dynamic, enterprise table of contents experience to the user, saving valuable time and resources by removing the burden of managing the table of contents experience from the administrator.


Why Use it


Streamlined Content Experience

Make it easy for your users to navigate through long pages, resources and knowledge articles, with a smooth, pleasant and dynamic navigation experience.


Time-Saving Widget Setup & Support 

The onus of setting up and maintaining the TOC widget is no longer on the experience site admin, but rather on the page owner user, reducing site admin overhead.


Improved Content Findability Experiences

Create sectional links to make sharing to a specific section or paragraph of the page easier, saving users valuable time from having to find a desired section.

Widget Features

Expand or collapsed view of all the sub navigation elements on the page.

Sticky option. Quick and simple way to stick the widget to the page.

Customizeable colors

Smooth scroll

Automatically generate clickable references in your table of contents

Easy copy and paste of the URL to the specific section of the page


Need additional widget features or want to learn more? Get in touch

Learn more about this widget on the ADC docs site

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